Welcome to the fMessenger

Welcome to the ultimate facebook aplication fMessenger. With fMessenger you can connect and chat with your friends directly from you desktop. fMessenger is a unique facebook messenger that helps you to be up to date with your friends. dictumst. Nulla ultrices odio. Donec augue. Phasellus dui. Maecenas facilisis nisl vitae nibh. Proin vel est vitae eros pretium dignissim. Aliquam aliquam sodales orci. Suspendisse potenti.

Main features

Keep track on your facebook profile, see if your friends is online. realtime chat. Check if you have mail and much more.

We want your feedback

Tell us what you think about the fMessenger and suggest new features.
We want you to take part of the development of fMessenger. You can visit our feedback page here.

Join our facebook group

Support us and the fMessenger by joining our facebook group fMessenger. We would be happy to connect with our users. See you there :)

System requirements

PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.